Visit Catherine at “Art on the Beach” in Avila every Saturday


Come join Catherine Lemoine for “Art on the Beach” that takes place right on the downtown Avila Beach Promenade every Saturday. The promenade is packed with so many great works of art. Come spend a relaxing afternoon in Avila Beach and enjoy some of our hometown culture.

It runs every Saturday from 10am-5pm. If it’s a nice day, some artists may stay until 6pm.

Art on the Beach is one of the unique events on the Promenade. Many local artists come out to show/sell their work. You can find drawings, paintings, sculptures, and more! The artists are nice and love when you talk to them about their art. With the beautiful Avila Bay backdrop, don’t be surprised if you see the artist creating new works of art.

This is a free event, but most everything is for purchase.

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“Chicken Dinner” takes first place at Mid State Fair!

Chicken Dinner by Catherine Lemoine

“Chicken Dinner” ~ First place winner at 2015 Mid State Fair

The theme for the 2015 MidState Fair Fine Arts competition was “Puttin’ on the Grits”. This fun filled “Chicken Dinner” original painting by Catherine Lemoine took first place in the “theme” category.

Catherine’s series of chicken themed paintings were inspired by the hens and roosters running the streets of Arroyo Grande near home town of Nipomo.

Learn to Paint Orchids!

A floral arrangement or a still life of your favorite flowers is the inspiration for this class. Combining flowers, plants, leaves, and surroundings into an image to paint is a goal. This class will be about painting orchids. Starting at the beginning, “how to be an orchid painter?” It is fun, it is detailed and most often colorful as well as decorative. Orchids come in many varieties and learning their shapes and the pots they are planted in will be part of the image we will create.

catherines art and soul - painting orchids

Learn to Paint Butterflies!

Everyone loves butterflies! Students will learn to paint the delicacies of the butterfly as well as its habitat. You will learn how to correct your mistakes using acrylic paints. Using photographs of butterflies, you will learn to put together a composition for your particular image and then “go forth”
to create it. The usage of color will be an important learning curve.

catherines art and soul - painting butterflies

Learn to Paint the Ocean!

Signing up for “Painting the Ocean” is a wonderful experience. This class will teach students to get motion into their artwork. You will learn to use specific brushes and brushstrokes to create ocean waves and learn about the colors used to create an image that is “eye-pleasing,” along with how to mix all the different color hues to focus on one area of the painting. You will also learn how to paint rocks into the scene and the value of having them in your painting.

gala de art - painting ocean

Learn to Paint Trees!

In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of the “tree,” whether it is a palm, pine or eucalyptus. Students will learn what to look for when painting a tree to an area, what brushes are needed to create certain types of brush strokes, what settings are needed to “carry” the image being created, how color works to favor your artwork, and finally, decorating the Christmas Tree and creating the story behind your painting.

gala de arte - learn to paint trees

Learn to Paint Chickens!


“Mama Maggie”

Painting Classes from the award-winning artist, Catherine Lemoine – at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.

Classes run thru July 2019

The Museum will have the Materials List of needed supplies.

San Luis Museum of Art:

1010 Broad Street (on the west end of the Mission Plaza)
San Luis Obispo, California 93401

Call 805.543.8562 or visit SLOMA.ORG to sign up and pay for class.*