Leghorn Rooster by Catherine Lemoine

“Leghorn Rooster”

Excerpt from New Times SLO:

Lemoine’s most powerful subjects are similarly full of life and vigor. They peck, scratch, and cluck, not caring what the critics have to say. Three years ago, the artist was struck by the unique beauty of her neighbor’s birds. Each morning, they’d wake her up with a bawk-bawk-burgawk.

“I was never a chicken person before then. My daughter got a chicken, which had two chicks. I got to really looking at them. I’d see them running all around the village of Arroyo Grande, and I took a million photographs,” Lemoine said. “People were like, ‘What are you doing painting chickens?’ The whole time I was doing it, I was smiling. You can’t paint them without smiling, and that makes your heart feel good.”

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